Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Tea Gastronomer Heads to INDONESIA!

Here I go! I am departing in just a couple days now for a 2 month journey to Indonesia! I'm quite excited! I'll be spending my first month in the artist town of Yogyakarta on Central Java, where I'll be working with Papermoon Puppet Theatre, a modern puppet theatre company who I began collaborations with during their six month stay in NYC. Following that, I will venture over to Bali where I will train in traditional Balinese dance in the village of Pengosekan Ubud with the Gamelan and Dance group, Cudamani. I expect many exciting things to come out of this experience! I am psyched!

Oh...and near the end leg of my trip I will be heading up north to the Cameron Highlands in Malaysia to visit the tea plantations and sample straight from the source. Expect updates from me as I drink the many varieties of tea Indonesia has to offer. I wish you all the best! The next time I post will be from the another coast!

Indonesian Tehbotol (Tea Bottle)
Sweet Jasmine Tea

-The Tea Gastronomer

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