Friday, May 28, 2010

Mind on Matcha

Matcha Powder

Today I want to speak with regard to matcha, a recent obsession of mine. Matcha is a finely milled powder green tea powder which comes from the lovely island of Japan. Matcha is drunk of course, but you can also use matcha powder in certain recipes. This is what gives those matcha cakes and cookies the lovely green hue. I naively thought, as a youngster, that those green foodstuffs behind the bakery counter at the local Asian store were just stale pastries and not wanting to argue with cultural customs I quietly accepted that. Good thing I have moved on from those days! Although green tea is grown all over the world, matcha is endemic to Japan and you will find it at the centerpiece of the particularly precise and beautiful tea ceremony. Matcha is also a lovely palate cleanser that you may enjoy at the end of a meal.

Matcha's taste is very unique. Certainly full of twists and turns, the taste is not at all stagnant. There is a hint of bitterness, a touch of serenity, a wealth of flavors all packed into this tea. Matcha is thicker and lovelier than your average green tea. A long-lasting sweetness stays after your first bitter taste from the tea making it alluring and addicting. I crave it as I write...Aside from delicious taste, you can of course count on the health benefits that come along with green tea. A plethora of nutrients, antioxidants and fiber are all part of your daily cup of match green tea. It is healthful also in that it is sugar free, but you get a taste of sweetness from the tea itself. But don't expect it to come cheap. Being an export product of Japan increases price as well as the fact that matcha processing is limited and much of it is grown and picked by hand.

Bowl of Matcha Green Tea

Right now I am wild about matcha lattes. Milk and Matcha with a touch of sugar paired to create a sweet morning, afternoon, or evening treat be it iced or hot. It is quite simple to make at home if you buy your own matcha. Look up a recipe online or create your own! Very fun to serve to guests. Matcha lattes are also popping up more and more on coffeeshop menus. New to matcha? Give it a try and tell me what you think? Matcha expert? Share your thoughts!

Enjoy this holiday weekend and have an extra cup of tea for me!



  1. Thank you for the great article about matcha. I too love it in all of its forms. I dusted some truffles with it yesterday...I'm sure the sugar nullified any health effect I was getting from the matcha but I'm okay with that. It is such a versatile tea that purists and non-purists alike can find common ground with it. We have actually been selling matcha since 2002 and providing coffee shops with Matcha Latte Powder and it's finally becoming more and more popular. Thanks again for the article! three tree tea

  2. Lisa, thanks for reading! I am glad to find another matcha enthusiast. The truffles sound delicious! Thank you for sharing your matcha with the world! All my best!

  3. Robust article, Ethan! I never knew much about matcha but now I do. I will have to concoct my own cup of decadent matcha latte!

  4. I think when I get off the plane for a stretcher in Tokyo on Saturday, I'll head right over to the nearest airport cafe for just that: a fresh matcha latte!