Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Scone Shoppe, Point Pleasant, NJ (Revisited!)

Delectable Scones

Delicious Sweets!

Made-to-order Savouries

The Sconelady's Tea

The Interior

Table Setting

One of my initial posts on this blog was of the cute, hidden gem, "The Scone Shoppe" in Point Pleasant, NJ. I traveled out in August with my mother to visit the tearoom, and we were both so pleased. The service was excellent, the food was delicious and the prices were wonderful. Now, don't get me wrong, this is no top-notch, ultra-fancy tearoom. If you want that, there are plenty of options in this state. This tearoom, however, is a very comfortable, welcoming environment with a taste of warmth and joy. This visit, accompanied by my good friend Sharanya, once again exceeded expectations.

Upon entrance, we were seated at a lovely corner table. I remembered instantly the friendly waitress who came to take care of us, as I had had her in August...What was amazing and so thoroughly enjoyable for me though was that she remembered me! And my mother! And inquired about my health, my life, and made me feel as though I was part of her family. She is such a kind spirit, and I think you will know just who she is if you visit this lovely location (They finally have a website!)

The room is decorated wonderfully, and the aroma of warm scones permeates the air. They bake 10-12 varieties each day. We entered at about 3 o'clock, an hour until closing, but there were still six varieties to choose from, which in my book is more than enough! The table settings are adorned with teapot napkin rings, antique bone china, and fine silver flatware. As we sat and chatted about the great environment, other parties sipped on tea and laughed, keeping warm as the winter wind chilled the outside.

Sharanya and I opted for the traditional Sconelady's tea, which comes with everything a proper afternoon tea should. It is ONLY $14.95 and you get a tea sandwich, a scone, and sweets. We knew there would be more than enough food, so we shared the order and just added an extra scone.

Our tea came out promptly. We ordered the British Breakfast blend. Still Republic of Tea, still in tea bags, but the bags were decanted and the flavor was fine. And for the price, I'm not complaining! We sipped on our lovely tea and recounted our semesters and enjoyed each others company. In no time at all our three-tiered server arrived at the table.

I just want to point out how accommodating The Scone Shoppe is. Sharanya is a vegetarian, and I wanted to make sure the food would satisfy her. The Sconelady's tea is traditionally served with a chicken salad sandwich (delicious from my own experience there!) and an egg salad sandwich, but the lovely server took care of Sharanya right away. She made us the most delicious fresh mozzarella and tomato on white tea bread in place of the chicken salad and we were more than happy with it!

Along with the sandwiches, the savouries included miniature quiches, a classic which of course was delicious! The scones at the scone shoppe, are more like dessert scones, American-style triangle, dusted with powdered sugar. They are superb! Sharanya opted for the cranberry and white chocolate, and with a taste of hers, I can vouch for it's deliciousness! I had the cinnamon chip which was also terrific! The scones are served with strawberry preserves, lemon curd, and butter which is in a three-sectioned glass server. I loved the scones so much, I ordered one of each remaining variety (five different scones) to bring back home for my family and friends.

And then there were of course two miniature sweets, just enough to create a perfect tea without making you feel guilty! There was a tiny banana cake which was fine, although I wouldn't order it if I had the option. But the standout was the chocolate mousse tart. A fine mini chocolate tart, covered in fresh cream and chocolate shavings. Sharanya and I loved that one the best!

And, at the end of our meal, we still had extra tea from our large pot to finish off. I just want to applaud the whole team over at The Scone Shoppe for the great job they do and wonderful environment we create. I certainly left our server a well-deserved tip! Will I be back? No doubt about it. I will probably accompany my mother there within the next week! Oh, and our bill...The Sconelady's Tea plus an added scone came to a total of about $17.00. For two people. This is the best tea bargain you may find anywhere! If you can get over there, go!

Thanks so much for reading, and I hope your New Years are off to a great start!

-Ethan Nicholas