Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bosie Tea Parlor, West Village, NYC

Bosie Tea Parlor is one of the newest additions to the tea scene in downtown Manhattan. Since my time away in South Africa, I had been reading up on Bosie and had only heard and seen what looked like a great new tearoom. All my expectations were met and exceeded this past Monday evening when I met with friends for some tea and catching up.

The room itself is comfortably decorated in dark oak, wooden tables, and soft lighting. Golden tea tins line the shelves and a cake display is filled with macarons, french pastries, and golden croissants. We were greeted by a friendly server who we chatted with for the majority of the evening and she had no qualms about keeping the shop open as we stayed into the night. It's nice to find a tearoom that stays open past 5:00 PM. Of course, this is Manhattan, so everything stays open quite late, unlike South Africa.

As I had already had my supper, I had to pass on food, but I will certainly return for a proper three-course tea complete with sandwiches, scones with cream and jam, and cakes. Instead, I ordered a matcha macaron with my tea, which was delicate and delicious, filled with green-tea flavor.
All of the tea served is from l'Age de The, a very fine tea purveyor. My first tea was the Golden Monkey, a nice blend of blacks that handles milk and sugar well, although I took mine black. Following my Golden Monkey, I enjoyed the pure Assam which was, as a good Assam should be, rich and full-bodied. What I really appreciated at Bosie is that the water temperature is perfect, the teacups are warmed before being brought out, and the tea leaves are steeped and then removed from the pot after the proper brewing time to allow a fine brew without any bitterness.

My friend Anna ordered the tea sandwiches and they came out beautifully. I can't wait to go back and have them myself. I give Bosie high marks in all categories. The tearoom is truly a nice blend between elegant and casual and all varieties of tea drinkers are welcome!