Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I haven't expired!

I haven't posted since this past October...and tomorrow is March! But no, I have not overbrewed, shriveled up or expired. On the contrary, in the past months I have been the most alive I have ever been! Sometimes too alive without any breaks. Since October I have: successfully created and acted in a workshop performance on the lives of Burmese exiles, spent nearly a month in Philadelphia, been working on the remount of a show I performed in over a year again at a festival in midtown Manhattan, been working on my independent thesis project performance (2 months until graduation!), been cast in another show, planned a trip back to Indonesia (leaving in May!) where I will perform...and more important than anything...fallen in love! So yes, a lot has happened! But not to fear, tea has been at my side throughout all of it. So what and where have I been drinking since October. Aside from my daily cuppa of Assam from London's Waitrose or South Africa's own Five Roses, here are some special teas:

Dragon Well Green Tea at Cha An

Korean Milk Tea at Koryodong Bakery in Korea Town, NYC

Chocolate-Vanilla Tea at Tea and Sympathy, NYC

Irish Breakfast Tea at The Blue Rooster, Cranbury, NJ

Burmese Green Tea at Rangoon, Philadelphia

Milk Oolong at David's Tea, NYC

Finger Sandwiches and Assam Tea at Bosie Tea Parlor, NYC

Blossoming Jasmine Tea in Koreatown, NYC

Indonesian Black Tea at Teany, NYC

I am going to try to start updating more regularly here, so please check back! And enjoy your cups of tea!


Ethan (The Tea Gastronomer)