Friday, May 14, 2010

Kirin Milk Tea

I am surprised I haven't posted on Kirin Milk Tea Yet. This refreshing Japanese product is probably my favorite pre-prepared and bottled tea beverage. I usually either have a large bottle chilled in the refrigerator or buy a small bottle to take out with me.

The Japanese product is simply a strong black tea partnered with milk and sugar. When enjoyed cold, it is a lively and sweet treat, smooth and milky. I've been enjoying this product for years now. What I love about Kirin milk tea is the variety. You wouldn't think that you could do so much to milk tea! There is the regular milk tea, my usual purchase, but there is also reduced sugar milk tea (still completely tasty and refreshing), healthy milk tea, royal milk tea (stronger black tea), and you can also buy Kirin's milk coffee if you need an extra jolt of caffeine.

The lovely beverage is available at most Asian Groceries or Asian Convenient Stores in the USA and of course easily available in most of Asia. Go get yourself a milk tea and take a break from the summer heat!

-The Tea Gastronomer


  1. I've never glugged back any of Kirin's products but have seen them at Asian spots and wondered about them. Now I am dying to try...both the milk tea and the milk coffee. Slurpalicious, I'm sure!

  2. slurpy. lovely. goodness. in a bottle!