Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Chai on Ice, Podunk, New York, NY

Today was filled with essay-writing and a class. I decided I wanted a nice lunch and some tea from one of my favorite spots in the city to mellow out, Podunk. To learn more about Podunk, please read my previous posts on this lovely getaway on east 5th st between Bowery and 2nd Ave!

I was greeted by Elspeth and I ordered an iced chai, perfect for the warm weather today has been offering. Elspeth's chai is maybe the best in the city. Your large mason jar (or you can get it in a pitcher for larger parties) comes filled with chai on ice, a plump red strawberry, two orange slices, a real cinnamon stick and a sprig of mint to top it all off. Milk and sugar is on the side, so you can control how milky and sweet you like your chai. I of course opt to have mine extra milky and extra sweet! The chai was decadent and long lasting. So delicious!

Beautiful Chai


Elspeth gave me a recommendation for my lunch, and I'm glad she did! It was superb. Her own homemade wheat bread topped with melted cheese and cherry tomatoes. On the side was a sweet yellow mustard and a cranberry dipping sauce that accentuated the already delicious open-faced sandwich and some stray blackberries, perfectly ripe and in-season!

I finished off with one of Elspeth's homemade scones. They were hot out of the oven and there is no way of avoiding a trip to Podunk without a scone! Simply the best way to break up the afternoon!

East 5th St btw Bowery and 2nd Ave
New York, NY


  1. Mouth-watering and refreshing post! I love the use of the mason jar -- it's so nostalgic and stylish! Glad you were able to break for the day!

  2. Looks yummy, but I have to tell you that blackberries don't come into season for another 2 months! Ours haven't even bloomed yet.

  3. That is an absolutely beautiful presentation of the iced chai!