Friday, September 4, 2009

The Season Draws Near...

The Starbucks Pumpkin Scone

...For pumpkin! One of my favorite food items! There are so many delicious treats that can be made using this wonderful gourd-like squash that becomes of season in the fall. And we already start to see cafes selling pumpkin flavored beverages and treats. Additionally, Tea Time magazine, in their most recent issue, has six pumpkin recipes, including: pumpkin-chocolate turnovers, mini gingerbread trifles with pumpkin custard (YUM!) pumpkin-leek tarts, pumpkin risotto bites, pumpkin scones with maple butter, and pumpkin-bread and cranberry tea sandwiches. One could make quite the delicious pumpkin-based afternoon tea around these recipes. I advise you to purchase this issue!

In related news, I woke up this morning at 5 AM to purchase rush tickets for Next to Normal, the new spectacular Broadway show. This will be my fourth time seeing it, if that says anything about how wonderful it really is (Alice Ripley is phenomenal! And she won the Tony this year!)! Me and two friends (Rebecca and Frankie) arrived at The Booth theatre on Shubert Alley at about 6 AM and waited for four hours, first in line, to get front-row center tickets for only $25.00. We will be at this evening's performance! In dire need of food, Rebecca went out on a bagel-hunt. I shamefully admit that every now and then, I can't resist using the convenience of Starbucks for my tea needs. I am a really big Iced Chai Latte fan, and Starbucks' version of the popular beverage isn't half bad. Although I would always rather support the small, non-corporate businesses, in times of need, the fragrant, well-spiced chai certainly suffices.

Of course their menu now offer the seasonal pumpkin latte, and on display with the baked good, pumpkin scones! Of course I picked one up. American style (triangle shaped), the Starbucks scones can actually be quite good. I dislike most of the baked good items at Starbucks, however the petite vanilla bean scones are delicious. I brought back a pumpkin scone for Rebecca, Frankie and I to share. The scone is completely iced, so the flavor is a little too sweet for my liking, but everyone enjoyed it. The scone was a nice, not too dry-not too moist consistency, with a good, strong pumpkin flavor. It went quickly, and so will the season, so go out pumpkin hunting.

My good friend Danielle has been baking pumpkin scones the past couple of weeks, perfecting a secret recipe she has. She is now studying abroad in London, but if we are lucky, perhaps she will send over the recipe, and I can have it up in time for the holidays.

Enjoy the lovely day, stay well, and enjoy the search for the perfect pumpkin treats! If you find anything exceptional, let me know, and I can post about it right away!



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