Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Rooibos Tea

One of my favorite teas as of late, this naturally decaffeinated red tea is good for any season. The taste is so unique and delicious, I'd recommend this South African native beverage to both tea novices and aficionados alike!

Taken from TeaMuse:

"Deep in the heart of South Africa, in the mountains and valleys of the Cedarberg region near Cape Town, vast vistas, fields of verdant green bushes, fill the landscape. Traveling throughout this precipitous expanse, one may not suspect that this bright bush, which the locals refer to as "Rooibos," (pronounced roy-boss), could be such a versatile and remarkable herb. Among Rooibos' many uses, Rooibos' most popular utilization is as a tisane, or herbal beverage. Also known as Red tea, Bush tea (no relation to our 41st or 43rd President) and Redbush tea, Rooibos tea has become the hottest trend in the tea industry."

Rooibos is fine to take properly in fine china at tea, but one should feel just as comfortable to sip it out of a mug. I like to boil myself a mug of Twinings Rooibos with milk and sugar before starting the day. It is also quite the soothing tea to help one fall asleep. Also, there are a variety of flavors. I recently took tea and scones at Alice's Tea Cup on 64th St. and enjoyed a lovely pot of their Admiral's Rooibos which included vanilla and chocolate essence within the tisane. There have been many varieties to the delicious blend. Go and enjoy! I think I'll go grab myself a cup now!


  1. FYI, our 40th president was Ronald Reagan and the 42nd was Bill Clinton. George H.W. Bush was #41 and George W. was #43 (Obama is #44).

    Have you tried rooibos from Wisdom of the Ancients? I'm thinking of trying it from them since I like the company so much.

  2. Thanks for pointing that out! I have made the proper adjustments. I have not tried the Wisdom of the Ancients Rooibos yet, but I imagine it is quite good!