Friday, August 28, 2009

The Scone Shoppe, Point Pleasant, New Jersey

I am going back to Manhattan on Sunday to begin my sophomore year at NYU. I am very excited, yet saddened to be leaving my humble state of New Jersey after a wonderful summer. I have spent the summer well: a balance of working and traveling and hanging out with my closest friends. On this rainy Friday afternoon before I leave to go back, my mother and I decided to do something special. I wanted to take her to The Scone Pony*, a beautiful little bakery in Spring Lake, New Jersey (The BEST scones I have EVER eaten!!!) Before that, though, we decided to take tea and a light lunch at The Scone Shoppe, in Point Pleasant New Jersey.

Located in a small strip mall along Bridge Ave, the Scone Shoppe's surroundings are not prepossessing, and the parking lot was rather small. However, upon entering the quaint, little shop, I knew I was in for a treat. Each table was delicately covered with fine linen. Napkins were fanned and fashioned inside a teapot napkin ring. Beautiful bone china teacups sat at each place setting upon a matching saucer. Our waitress was a lovely middle-aged Jersey Shore native. Adorned in bright pink nail polish, and a grin from ear to ear, she was wonderful from start to finish. She treated my mother and I like close friends and took precise attention to detail when we gave our orders. The selection of tea was not extremely elaborate, but definitely plentiful. My mother and I shared a large pot of British Breakfast blend. They use Republic of Tea brand. The only complaint I might have had about the shop was the use of tea bags over loose leaf. Although the tea was still quite good, there is a slight taste difference.

After enjoying a cup or two, our orders arrived. I opted for the chicken salad on croissant with lettuce (without tomato for me). My mother had turkey with mozzarella in a balsamic glaze served on a crusty baguette. The sandwiches are served with either soup or salad. We ordered one of each and then shared the two. The fresh greens were dressed in a balsamic dressing and the homemade lentil soup was delicious and perfect for the rainy day! My chicken salad was extremely fresh and the croissant was just the right amount of crusty and golden. My mother thoroughly enjoyed her sandwich as well.

With more than enough tea left, we happily prepared for the scones. Upon entering, you immediately see the large glass case displaying more than TEN varieties of scones! What a decision to make! I went for the white chocolate macadamia and my mother had chocolate delight! The scones were baked triangular, in the American fashion. Each scone was served with a side of jam and lemon curd. They were delicious! The texture was perfect. Nice and crumbly and not too cakey, just the way a scone should be. Also, the prices were nice and low. Our plentiful and filling meal cost a total of $23.00.

I will most certainly bring friends back to The Scone Shoppe. An enjoyable afternoon with my mom. The clientle seemed to be mostly older women, although there was some testosterone (three gentlemen, including myself). If you are in the area, definitely visit!

The Interior

A Fine Presentation

My Mother Enjoying a Cuppa

Thanks for reading! Happy Friday!


*The Scone Pony is located at 305 Washington Ave in Spring Lake, NJ. Although cakey and softer than typical scones, they are delicious! The vanilla bean scone is OUT OF THIS WORLD! If you have the chance to try one, TRY ONE! So delicious! Clotted cream and fine jams are sold at the shop as well.

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