Monday, November 15, 2010

Teh Tarik, Malaysia Kitchen for the World, NYC

Last weekend I was pleased to attend the Malaysia Kitchen for the World event at Grand Central with friends Dani, Candice and Melissa. Many restaurants around the city came out and supplied guests with some iconic Malaysian staples including Nasi Lemak, Rendang, and assorted Kueh (pandan cupcakes in our case).

Of course for me, the most exciting part was the free samples of teh tarik being given out by the Malaysia Kitchen for the World food truck outside. This truck has been making its way around Manhattan and Queens, doing the Malaysian Tourist Industry a great service.

The teh tarik was hot and frothy, sweet and light, not overly powerful, just like I remember it in Malaysia. A really sweet and nice balance. The vendors were so friendly and allowed us to take multiple samples of the mini cups. Did I mention there was also free plates of mee goreng? This is a perfect noodle accompaniment to the sweet milk tea!

Check out the Malaysia Kitchen for the World twitter to learn about the truck's locations and upcoming events!



  1. It was a delicious day of sampling and sipping. The teh tarik was absolutely decadent -- definitely sweet in a subtle way. So glad Malaysiab food is being lauded like if only a certain archipelago nation can get the same treatment!

  2. Oops -- sorry for the above typo!