Monday, November 15, 2010

Green Tea Baguette, Takahachi Bakery, NYC

25 Murray Street at Church Street in the FiDi wouldn't seem like a particularly special intersection to the unassuming New Yorker, however this particular corner is home to Takahachi Bakery. This little Japanese gem is a lovely spot overflowing with Japanese goodies including buns, muffins, cookies, cakes, breads, macarons and an assortment of teas and coffees. Not to mention there are already prepared lunch sandwiches and homemade ice cream. All baking is done on premises and you can see it being done through the glass window by the seating area. On this particular Saturday afternoon, friend Nicole and I lounged at Takahachi for a while sipping on Matcha Lattes and Espressos (both fabulous!) But something I was really intrigued by was the green tea baguette on offer. I had to buy one. It was fresh and lovely and subtle hints of green tea poured through each bite. Later, I toasted the remains of the baguette and added some Yeo's Brand Kaya. After toasting, the tea flavor was more intensified and it was a perfect partner to the kaya! Although I love Panya and Cafe Zaiya, there is something a little more laid-back and calm about Takahachi that the others lack. I can't wait to return for a weekend breakfast of an-pan, tea, and a good book! Go visit today!

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  1. i got one today, but yet to try it. mom enjoyed the matcha crepe though. Very subtle and light. :)