Monday, October 25, 2010

Some More Tea!

Here are two recent cups of tea I really enjoyed:

This is a pumpkin spice iced chai from It's a Grind Coffehouse, located in Plainsboro, New Jersey. One of my hometown coffeshops, It's a Grind has always made a really exceptional chai. There is no reason it wouldn't be even better with pumpkin. This is a gift from the gods in all of their orange, pumpkinlicious glory!

This is a simple chinatown milk tea from my local bakery on Hester St. The proprietor makes the cup extremely quickly and for 80 cents, you can't do much better. The red tag reads "Hong Kong Style Red Tea", however it is definitely not Rooibos. This is a Hong Kong Black mixed with milk and sugar in the Chinese fashion. Quite a tasty morning treat!

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