Monday, October 25, 2010

The Adore, New York, NY

I've been going to The Adore (say tea in French) for quite some time now, so I'm surprised I haven't written anything yet on this gem of a tearoom hidden away on 13th street between University and 5th. This little hideaway is actually very unique. All over Japan, there are little French-style tearooms serving up pots of tea alongside French patisseries and savouries. Many of the french style baked goods and lunch dishes have a Japanese style twist, namely cuteness and perfect presentation. The Adore is one of these Japanese wonders, but here's the kicker, it's located in Greenwich Village. I love taking newbies over to The Adore, regaling them with the fact that we are going to a French tearoom, owned and operated in a Japanese style, located in New York City. There is something just oh-so-awesome about that multiculturalism.

The place itself is tiny, so I try to avoid extremely busy lunch hours. Some of my favorite hours are bright and early, just as the sun rises to take in their continental breakfast special, which includes a pot of tea, a croissant, and toasted baguette with butter and jam all for a very reasonable price. The room itself is adorable. The downstairs is a bakery display and take out counter where you can get your fruit tarts and scones or mini sandwiches with a cup of tea to go. Venture up the staircase (gracefully darting past the customers waiting for their downstairs orders) and you'll find yourself in a very rustic and homey environment. Wooden tables and chairs grace a lovely little space ending in a giant picture window that overlooks 13th st, however you'd never know you were in Manhattan looking out the window. There is a beautiful old tree that brushes up against the glass. Each table is adorned with a fresh flower and the menus are on delicate paper.

The tea menu is extensive. All of the teas are imported Mariage Freres brand, one of the highest quality teas in France, and in the world. I am never disappointed with this tea, and although I own a tin of MF Darjeeling, I try to save it for very special occasions as buying it comes at a high price. At The Adore however, four to six dollars. This price may seem relatively high, but this is a very fine tea and is worth each dollar. I of course usually order one of the two Assams. I enjoy both, but the Sankar is a maltier blend than the meleng. I have also tried most of the Ceylons, which are terrific and full of taste. The Marco Polo is one of Mariage Frere's most popular blends, and although I don't like fruity teas, I don't mind the burst of flavor that highlights this particular black blend. For the non tea drinkers, there is a wide variety of coffee options that always arrive at tables looking very appetizing. They are served in bowls, like in French cafes.

The food is also delicious! On a recent visit I enjoyed a light salad with fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, avocado, in a vinaigrette. My go to order is the croque madame (ham, cheese, and a sunnyside up egg) and I also love the ham and brie on baguette. The baguette at The Adore is simply amazing. One of the best in the city. You can order it on its own also, and it always comes toasted and hot. Crispy and full of that good bready flavor. Ah. Their soups are also all homemade and very good.

If you still have room for dessert, try their madeleines. They are oversized and generously priced. Their scones are sweet and crumbly, and if you are in a more indulgent mood, try something like cheesecake or a raspberry tart.

This is a great place to unwind, relax and bring a book. Enjoy your tea time and really reflect on your life. After all, that's part of what tea is about!

*The Adore is a cash-only establishment, so make sure you visit the ATM before coming.


  1. I adore the name! What a cute place this sounds and looks like. I will try the ham and brie baguette when I go here. A piece of serenity in hyper Manhattan!

  2. I don't know why I haven't told you about it yet! It's really one of favorite spots. I don't get up there as much as I like to anymore, but when I lived on Union Square, I was there quite a lot!