Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tea Addict, Jakarta, Indonesia

This outing took place of Saturday, June 19, 2010 at around 4 PM

Tea Addict is a cozy tea cafe located in the Kemang district of South Jakarta. The shop blends a variety of in-house teas and also has a snack menu. After a day of adventure around Jakarta, Vero, Widya and I were more than happy to pop into Tea Addict for a much needed rest.

Nice Interior

The room itself is modern, yet relaxed, with an earthy feel from the tree branches that sprout out around the interior. And don't get me started on the couches. They are some of the most comfortable seating arrangements I came across in Indonesia, maybe in the world. You can sink into them for hours, enjoying conversation and tea with friends, or simply a solo respite from the hustle and bustle of the big city. Oh, and Tea Addict comes complete with an assortment of magazines to tantalize your brain (or to fry it) as you wait for your pot of tea.

The Most Comfortable Couches!

The tea menu is extensive, but I wanted to go for a Tea Addict in house blend, and seeing as I love anything vanilla in my tea, I opted for the Sweet Vanilla. I am quite glad I did. The tea was presented in a simple, yet nice white porcelain pot, alongside a glass tea cup. On a side note, before I left for this trip I really hated drinking tea out of any type of see-through glass. However in Indonesia, mostly all tea is served in regular drinking glasses or miniature beer mugs, and I quickly became accustomed, even endeared by this. My Sweet Vanilla tea was spot-on. The black tea was strong and full-bodied, with a naturally sweet but not overly sweet kick from the vanilla. It almost had the taste of bourbon vanilla, however it wasn't too heavy of a flavor. Just a little bit of sugar brought it out fully.

Sweet Vanilla Tea

Vero had English Breakfast and she was quite happy with her order. Widya, on the other hand, decided to order a Cappuccino. Although I don't endorse the ordering of coffee at a tea lounge (hehehe), I respect and appreciate Tea Addict's versatility, serving not just tea fans, but their coffee counterparts as well.

Vero and Widya at Tea Addict

If you find yourself in Southern Jakarta's Kemang area any time soon, do yourself a favor and check out Tea Addict. You will be glad you did.

The Tea Bar

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  1. Hey, I found your blog when I was searching about tea. Very interesting! By the way, does Tea Addict also sell packaged tea leaves so we can also make it at home? I'm actually looking for places that sell a variety of tea leaves (especially Lapsang Souchong^^) in Jakarta. Seeing how much of a tea lover you are, maybe you could give me some info? :)