Thursday, August 26, 2010

Afternoon Tea, Biku Tea Room, Seminyak Bali

Fresh Jar of Flowers

The area of Seminyak, just north of Kuta in South Bali is a bit less chaotic and a bit more refined. It is in this area along Jalan Petitenget that you will find a beautiful tea room, Biku. It was a terribly hot Balinese afternoon and my parents and I had been walking around the southern part of Seminyak, trying to find this place. I kept asking the locals in Indonesian and they all sent me in different directions. When I finally spotted the storefront, we all rejoiced and hurried inside. Part bookstore, all tea room, Biku is a wonderful respite. The Teak Joglo, native to East Java, that houses Biku is 150 years old and all charm. East truly meets West in the best way possible here. British afternoon tea in a traditional Indonesian environment? Can it get much better than that? I don't think so.

Front Tea Bar and Cake Stand

And of course, I had just that: A traditional afternoon tea. My mother ordered a salad and the Biku Blend over ice "served with mint, star fruit, and fresh wild ginger flower". The iced tea was presented beautifully and my mother said it was so refreshing and flavorful. My afternoon tea for one did not skimp out on anything.

Biku Blend Over Ice

I went with my favorite black blend, and ordered the Assam Seasonal. Perhaps being closer to the actual fertile tea lands of India's Northeast gave this particular blend of Assam one of the most vibrant flavors I have tasted yet. Full of body and complexity, only a touch of milk and sugar was needed, and the color was such a vibrant golden-brown.

Yes, There was Even a Tea Cosy

Unmistakably Royal Albert

The China used at Biku is all Royal Albert, as I could tell even before mine arrived. It's just nicer to drink and eat off of such nice China. Something makes the experience just that much more elegant. The savouries plate included salmon and cream cheese, cucumber, and ham and mustard sandwiches along with mini quiches. All sandwiches were cut finely and delicately. The taste was equal if not better to tea sandwiches I have sampled in London.

Elegant, yet Refined Presentation

Fresh Ingredients

The scones were big and fluffy, still warm upon arrival and served up with fresh jam and cream. The sweets were almost too cute to eat, particularly the mini gingerbread man. But they were all too delicious to pass up. Aside from the mini gingerbread man, the sweets sampler offered up a butter cookie, a mini chocolate cupcake, and a petite fruit tart. I was too full to finish everything, let alone touch the strawberries and cream dish that accompanied the whole meal. Nonetheless, I was very content. Make sure to browse the cake stand in the back to see what's on offer. If I hadn't gone for the afternoon tea, there was a carrot cake over there calling my name!

Sweets and Scones

Homemade Jam and Cream

Oh, and did I mention the price...? 65,000 Rupiah, which translates just barely into 7 U.S. Dollars. The small baguette sandwich I ate for lunch in Manhattan today cost more than that! Quality for such a small price...only in the East! The next time you are in Bali, make your way over to Biku for an afternoon you won't soon forget!

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  1. What a cute place! And so reasonably priced. Yeah, funny how a sandwich in M-hattan costs more yet the quality is not all that great, especially compared to nibbles from abroad. We live big in Indo! I love the presentation of the es teh!

  2. you're right...
    it was fun...
    & i really enjoy my tea time...
    my mee time... hehehe

  3. Sounds good, Biku is surely well known for their teas. Any other afternoon tea you've sampled in Bali beside of Biku?