Friday, July 30, 2010

Angkringan: A Traditional Javanese Tea Spot

Well, I am back from Indonesia! It was an amazing two months, and although it's good to be home, I'm terribly homesick for my new home (most precisely Yogyakarta, Indonesia). From my small updates abroad, you might notice that I consumed A LOT of tea while away in Asia. It was endless. My usual three cups a day was upped to something more like six cups a day. I was certainly in tea heaven. Expect many updates over the next couple of weeks, sharing tea experiences in Indo!

One specialty of Java is the traditional Angkringkan. These teahouses are open until the wee hours in the morning. You can have a variety of hot tea and jahe (ginger) drinks along with a serve yourself buffet of food. The rooms are typically dimly lit, and it's a wonderful place to stay up chatting with friends. During my last week in Jogja, I went to Lek Min with friends Ria and Octo.
Teh Poci, Indonesia

I had the traditional teh poci. Teh poci is Indonesian for tea pot. At any angkringan, you will find teh poci on the menu. A wooden Javanese tea pot is served to you filled with hot jasmine tea. Inside your glass cup you will find a large lump of palm sugar. Be careful, if you let the sugar sit for too long your tea may become sickeningly sweet. But part of the fun is finding the right balance adding tea and sugar! I am so hooked on Jasmine tea right now, as it is the major tea in Indonesia and everyone drinks it iced and hot, daily. The teh poci was delicious and a perfect way to end a night with friends.Ria and I enjoying tea!


  1. Ethan, this looks delightful! I'm so glad to hear you visited the Angkringkan and indulged in may cups of tea as well as wee-morning chats. I look forward to your posts and catching up with you over delish eats in NYC. See you soon, lil bro.

  2. yay! can't wait to see you sis! i need to get busy with these posts!

  3. SUPER night!!! :D
    miss you, mas ethan...