Monday, October 19, 2009

Tea is for the Soul!

Sorry for the lack of updating lately!

This will be short, because I am really am so, so busy at this time in my life! Not only am I working on two shows (the first goes up in one week!), I am also singing at Lincoln Center on November 2nd, for NYU's annual Tisch Gala. I am more than thrilled, but with all of my school work, on top of rehearsals, on top of everything else that happens in this crazy city, it sometimes feels like too much. But there's an easy solution to rid myself of this fear, of course. A nice, hot pot of tea. It always does the trick. After a 9 am to 9 pm day at the studio and rehearsal, a cuppa never hurts! Right now I am enjoying a pot of Yorkshire Gold, one of England's favorites for your pot!

I will hopefully be updating more frequently soon!

Until them, Tea Dreams!!!


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