Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Rooibos Tea, Timbuktu Cafe, Cape Town

After an 18 hour bus ride from Johannesburg to Cape Town, I wanted to see the city, but first, I had to re-energize. Of course this, for me, means finding a nice cup of tea and a cozy place to sit down. Timbuktu Cafe, located on the upper level, nestled within Cape Town's Pan African Market ended up being the perfect spot. Despite being called "Timbuktu" the cafe serves traditional Ethiopian Fare in a relaxed and bohemian environment. As much as I do enjoy Ethiopian Coffee, I ordered a pot of rooibos tea.

The tea is served in fine china pots, with a mismatched cup and saucer, or in my case, a glass see-through teacup. My teapot was adorned with Japanese geishas and flowers. A simple, yet robust rooibos is presented with a side sugar bowl. After one sip, I knew I'd be just fine for the night ahead. As I sat sipping the earthy blend, full of naturally sweet notes, I chatted with my friends as the sun began to set over Cape Town's Long Street. A perfect welcoming.


  1. How did you enjoy Long Street? Though the bus ride was long, I'm sure you enjoyed it! Taking bus trips while abroad is so much more glamorous than doing it domestically, lol. I love the fact that this place serves mis-matched cups and saucers - so country chic! Miss you....

  2. I haven't tasted the tea in Cape Town. Next time I'll get one. I've tried a lot of their food and it was great.
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