Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday Milk Tea @ Saint's Alp, New York, NY

Since returning from Southeast Asia, it's hard to be satisfied drinking New York Chinatown's 90 cent bakery milk teas: a tea bag sitting in a small cup with light cream and sugar (the price is DAMN good, though). I miss those street teas from Mamak Stalls in Kuala Lumpur, rich and full bodied, made from real tea leaves and sweetened so perfectly! And yet, I drink my neighborhood's milk tea for cultural and comfort reasons. There is something very soothing about starting the day in a Chinese bakery in NYC surrounded by my neighbors.

This rainy, Monday evening, I popped into the greatest spot for bubble tea in Manhattan...and no, it isn't in Chinatown! Saint's Alp Teahouse on 3rd between 9th and 10th streets never fails to impress. This Taiwanese teahouse is a great place for snacks and tea with friends, and very decently priced dinner bowls. Because of the dreary weather, I ordered a hot pot of milk tea, no tapioca. The tea comes in Saint's Alp teapots with matching mugs. You can get a small pot for a very fair $2.75, and the thing I love about this tea is that it reminds me of Singapore and Malaysia. The brew is creamy and thick, and is truly a comfort to drink. Although I'll keep it local for a morning brew, when I'm in the East Village in the afternoon and want something richer and tastier, Saint's Alp is the place to go!



  1. I love Saint Alp's! It's cozy yet frenetic at the same time. And you get bang for your buck. I'll have to try the hot milk tea...perfect cure for a Manhattan rainy evening.

  2. so true, so true! there's one in bedford bklyn too! i accidentally bumped into it a few weeks ago on an excursion over there!