Friday, November 13, 2009

The Best Things in Life May Not be Free...

...but they sure are cheap! I just had to share this steal of a purchase I made yesterday. I was getting some groceries at Hong Kong Supermarket yesterday afternoon, and I was in the basement picking up Malaysian noodles. I ran across the homeware section to look at plates and chopsticks and right before my eyes...this gorgeous white porcelain teapot with blue flower detail. The price tag? $6.99! What a bargain! It certainly made my day! Ah, the tea to be drunk in this pot. Especially my favorite Set to a Tea flavor...Coconut Truffle! Get yours through me now!!!


  1. That is a lovely teapot. I've always liked blue and white china. What a bargain, too.

  2. Hi Ethan! 'Hope you're enjoying your weekend. That is a gorgeous teapot-stellar purchase and what a deal! I love shopping for kitchenware!

    I tried to e-mail you via blogspot but it doesn't seem to go directly through. My e-mail addie is

    What does your Wed afternoon or Thursday look like this week to slurp away on Mie Jakarta? I may also potentially be able to meet this coming weekend if I am not going away to visit the BF. Ciao! 'Can't wait!